New Site

Hello World!

Welcome to my new site, which I haven’t updated in quite some time. While I general post tech blogs i’m going to post a more personal one. I am currently going through one of those low points in life that makes you question everything. While I thrive in chaotic environments, it is not healthy for me nor is it productive. It has cost me a lot of things in life, my mind, my heart and caused others grief. Bi-polar is a very hectic thing to manage. Medications, doctors visits, trials and tribulations.

I have gone up mountains, and down the other side only to find my mind just seems to disapear in a chasm of nothingness. It’s like trying to find a bug in 10K lines of C and finding that, 6 years ago, you missed one crucial piece of the puzzle, a semi-colon ‘;.’ It’s quite frustrating with or without medication as you never seem to know if it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Always living in the luxury of delusions of grandeur, which has finally caught up to me.

I appreciate everyone and everything i’ve learned in life so, from now on I am going to write essentially a tech/life in bipolar memoire on here and show how life goes for someone like myself. It takes a lot of will power to show the world, it takes a lot more to get the help you need. Remember, someone is always out there to help.

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or else what’s Heaven for?” - Robert Browning