New Site

2 minute read Published:

Hello World! Welcome to my new site, which I haven’t updated in quite some time. While I general post tech blogs i’m going to post a more personal one. I am currently going through one of those low points in life that makes you question everything. While I thrive in chaotic environments, it is not healthy for me nor is it productive. It has cost me a lot of things in life, my mind, my heart and caused others grief.

Ansible, go and more

1 minute read Published:

It’s been a while since i’ve made any posts. Lately I have been working on ansible and left Chef behind, not altogether but just for this project. I’ve since written an awesome yaml parsing Go inventory that is quick and painless to use. Unfortunately due to some caveats internally I cannot release it publically, but will be releasing a modified version soon. Also, I have been working hard on the volume plugin for Ansible to allow the management of libvirt volumes in Python.